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They will Tell you Nothing is Wrong,          "It's all in Your Head"

It's Time to Tell the Truth

The Insurance Companies
Apartment Complexes, Property Management Companies
Condominium Associations,State Federal, County, City
and Private Employers

Fear the Word "MOLD"

And Rightfully So...

If a Mold claim is handled correctly you will take the shirts off their backs and put them in the Poor House. Plausible deniability is the first defense everyone practices when dealing with Mold complaints. They are all hoping you will just go away. And do you know what?  You probably will.
99% of all people with Mold related Problems failed to handle their situations correctly from the beginning and wound up being big losers. With Mold you can lose your health, your home, your possessions and those responsible might just walk away.

If you found this website it's probably because you have a Mold problem and are Looking for "HELP".     
                If you are...  You have come to the right place.

The long term effects of Mold exposure to date are hard to prove. Though many have settled claims in the Millions of Dollars based on Mold exposure, for everyone that got restitution for Mold Exposure, approximately 100,000 just went away, for lack of proof.

Whether you are looking to simply regain your health, have your possessions replaced and be relocated, or are seeking financial restitution for medical damages and negligence the proof you will need is basically all the same.

This site strives to educate the public on the facts about mold, no hype, just the real life dealings about Mold, Mold Sickness, Mold Illness and how to help yourself and direct you to those who can help you.

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